4 May

Grand Canyon / Zion / Bryce Tours

Every day 6am

Bus picks you up from hostel. Prices start at $111.

Zion and Bryce Canyon a couple times per week (book AT hostel desk)!

Grand Canyon Tours:

Cheap prices available at front desk

Quick Facts:

  • The bus picks you up and drops you off at HOSTEL CAT – you don’t have to wake up at 5am and walk/bus to a random location to be picked up!!
  • $111* SOUTH RIM is the most popular and Cheapest. The bus picks you up at 6am and returns around 9pm. You receive a sandwich-based lunch: Your choice of ham, turkey, roast beef, or vegetarian.
  • $139* WEST RIM is 2 hours closer. The bus picks you up at 6am and returns around 7pm. They offer a full buffet for lunch!
  • WEST RIM also offers Skywalk (a glass bridge over a part of the Canyon – $28 more…and highly recommended by many tourist reviews). The West Rim also has Helicopter tour options. It is $336 per person for the helicopter and will need to be prepaid via credit card over the phone and we will be asked for your weight in pounds (lbs) as well. These fill up even faster than regular bus tours, so book it fast!
  • All Grand Canyon tours provide you with unlimited bottled water, a light breakfast, and lunch
  • All Grand Canyon tours take a 10 minute photo stop at the Hoover Dam, and you get 3 hours in the Canyon, which is more than any other day tour!
  • Book before 8pm (when Tours office closes), but you should book ASAP because the tours fill up!

*Prices last updated on this website as of Jan 2020

Purchase these tours at reception!

South Rim $37 deposit + $74 paid on the bus
West Rim $39 deposit + $100 paid on the bus
West Rim with Skywalk $42 deposit + $125 paid on the bus
West Rim with Helicopter $89 deposit + $247 prepaid via phone

The tour buses accept cash or card!

Additional Information:

  • $1 fee per person for cards (cash is cheaper)
  • No refunds
  • Grand Canyon tour the day you check out? Ask receptionist to store your luggage the night before (since we are CLOSED until 8am). Don’t forget to keep a small bag of things/clothes you will need in the morning, and money to pay the bus driver
  • Why is closer West Rim more expensive? Private land owners charge tour companies (not national park land)
  • Be 10 minutes early to the pickup location (our sign in front)
  • If tour cancels due to weather (rarely and typically only in winter) ask a manager to confirm with company and change dates or refund